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Ireland's top referees

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Kieran Barry
Kevin Beggs
Gordon Black
Andy Brace
John Carvill
George Clancy
John Cole
Leo Colgan
Gary Conway
Nigel Correll
Donal Courtney
Graham Crothers
Gareth Doyle
Jonny Erskine
Peter Fitzgibbon
Stuart Gaffikin
Sean Gallagher
Olly Hodges
Eoin Hogan-O’Connell
David Keane
Shane Kierans
Marshall Kilgore
John Lacey
Alan Lewis
Brian MacNeice
Leo Mayne
Simon McDowell
Ronnie McDowell
David McHugh
Alistair McKay
Frank Murphy
Joy Neville
Tim O'Brien
Helen O'Reilly
Rob O'Sullivan
Mark Patton
Dudley Phillips
Dave Pyndall
Tony Redmond
Alain Rolland
John Sheehan
Bertie Smith
Colin Stanley
Colin Stanley
Brian Stirling
Olan Trevor
David Tyndall
Murray Whyte
David Wilkinson