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stade marcel deflandre

Home Team Atlantique Stade Rochelais
Capacity 15,000
Average attendance12,964 (86%) (since September 7, 1997)
Surface Grass
Year Built 1926
Location Frères Lumière St, 17000 La Rochelle France
Fixtures at this ground since September 7, 1997
26.01.2019La Rochelle27 - 25Montpellier16,000Tual Trainini
11.01.2019La Rochelle32 - 12Zebre15,000Craig Maxwell-Keys
29.12.2018La Rochelle53 - 27Castres16,000Romain Poite
15.12.2018La Rochelle3 - 13Bristol15,000Frank Murphy
01.12.2018La Rochelle16 - 11Racing 9216,000Pierre Brousset
03.11.2018La Rochelle33 - 29Agen16,000Thomas Charabas
19.10.2018La Rochelle64 - 26Enisei15,000Vlad Iordescu
06.10.2018La Rochelle16 - 12Clermont16,000Ludovic Cayre
22.09.2018La Rochelle30 - 13Lyon16,000Tual Trainini
16.09.2018La Rochelle37 - 10Perpignan16,000Pierre Brousset
25.08.2018La Rochelle28 - 21Grenoble15,983Jonathan Dufort
05.05.2018La Rochelle31 - 7Stade Francais15,895Adrien Descottes
15.04.2018La Rochelle18 - 26Castres16,000Jerome Garces
24.03.2018La Rochelle31 - 20Bordeaux16,000Tual Trainini
17.03.2018La Rochelle19 - 15Lyon16,000Thomas Charabas
25.02.2018La Rochelle20 - 27Toulon16,000Cyril Lafon
27.01.2018La Rochelle33 - 24Brive15,856Ludovic Cayre
21.01.2018La Rochelle16 - 7Harlequins16,000George Clancy
30.12.2017La Rochelle47 - 6Agen16,000Alexandre Ruiz
10.12.2017La Rochelle49 - 29Wasps16,000John Lacey
02.12.2017La Rochelle26 - 14Montpellier16,000Pierre Brousset
25.11.2017La Rochelle44 - 14Pau16,000Maxime Chalon
29.10.2017La Rochelle37 - 21Toulouse16,000Jerome Garces
22.10.2017La Rochelle41 - 17Ulster16,000Nigel Owens
08.10.2017La Rochelle16 - 9Racing 9216,000Pascal Gauzere
23.09.2017La Rochelle57 - 12Oyonnax16,000Sebastien Minery
09.09.2017La Rochelle51 - 20Clermont16,000Romain Poite
30.04.2017La Rochelle40 - 37Montpellier15,000Romain Poite
22.04.2017La Rochelle14 - 16Gloucester15,000Andy Brace
08.04.2017La Rochelle16 - 5Bordeaux15,000Sebastien Minery
18.03.2017La Rochelle36 - 17Brive15,000Alexandre Ruiz
18.02.2017La Rochelle37 - 18Stade Francais14,726Mathieu Raynal
21.01.2017La Rochelle31 - 8Benetton13,123Ian Tempest
07.01.2017La Rochelle22 - 8Castres15,000Thomas Charabas
01.01.2017La Rochelle40 - 3Grenoble15,000Pierre Brousset
17.12.2016La Rochelle42 - 13Gloucester14,153Ian Davies
03.12.2016La Rochelle23 - 23Racing 9213,860Jerome Garces
13.11.2016La Rochelle25 - 19Toulouse15,000Romain Poite
06.11.2016La Rochelle27 - 6Pau15,000Tual Trainini
20.10.2016La Rochelle51 - 24Bayonne14,634Matt Carley
08.10.2016La Rochelle17 - 17Toulon15,000Alexandre Ruiz
24.09.2016La Rochelle34 - 17Bayonne15,000Pierre Brousset
10.09.2016La Rochelle43 - 18Lyon15,000Maxime Chalon
20.08.2016La Rochelle30 - 30Clermont15,000Adrien Descottes
27.05.2016La Rochelle14 - 30Racing 9215,000Thomas Charabas
07.05.2016La Rochelle36 - 10Montpellier15,000Mathieu Raynal
16.04.2016La Rochelle22 - 15Bordeaux15,000Pascal Gauzere
02.04.2016La Rochelle21 - 18Stade Francais15,000Cyril Lafon
12.03.2016La Rochelle35 - 16Pau15,000Sebastien Minery
06.03.2016La Rochelle19 - 14Toulon15,000Mathieu Raynal
20.02.2016La Rochelle28 - 8Toulouse15,000Tual Trainini
22.01.2016La Rochelle35 - 11Worcester8,500Vlad Iordescu
02.01.2016La Rochelle25 - 21Castres15,000Sebastien Minery
11.12.2015La Rochelle27 - 19Zebre10,600Tom Foley
05.12.2015La Rochelle33 - 16Grenoble14,537Tual Trainini
19.11.2015La Rochelle20 - 33Gloucester12,763Marius Mitrea
07.11.2015La Rochelle38 - 3Oyonnax14,876Mathieu Raynal
25.10.2015La Rochelle23 - 6Agen14,893Adrien Descottes
05.09.2015La Rochelle21 - 18Brive14,867Salem Attalah
22.08.2015La Rochelle6 - 44Clermont15,000Alexandre Ruiz
16.05.2015La Rochelle18 - 18Racing 9215,000Cedric Marchat
25.04.2015La Rochelle32 - 29Toulon14,805Pascal Gauzere
10.04.2015La Rochelle19 - 19Stade Francais14,752Salem Attalah
14.03.2015La Rochelle35 - 20Oyonnax14,255Maxime Chalon
19.02.2015La Rochelle19 - 12Brive13,888Patrick Pechambert
31.01.2015La Rochelle16 - 12Clermont14,750Cedric Marchat
24.01.2015La Rochelle20 - 30Connacht10,068Neil Paterson
28.12.2014La Rochelle19 - 15Grenoble14,153Salem Attalah
04.12.2014La Rochelle10 - 36Exeter10,864Andrew McMenemy
29.11.2014La Rochelle19 - 19Bayonne14,682Cedric Marchat
01.11.2014La Rochelle21 - 15Montpellier14,718Salem Attalah
24.10.2014La Rochelle25 - 13Bayonne14,049Leighton Hodges
04.10.2014La Rochelle29 - 10Lyon14,207Romain Poite
20.09.2014La Rochelle26 - 29Bordeaux14,692Jerome Garces
12.09.2014La Rochelle41 - 16Castres14,110Sebastien Minery
30.08.2014La Rochelle37 - 25Toulouse14,765Cyril Lafon
17.08.2013Racing 9219 - 14Brive7,826Salem Attalah
07.04.2011La Rochelle13 - 23Clermont8,500George Clancy
20.01.2011La Rochelle71 - 17Rovigo11,000Tim Hayes
11.12.2010La Rochelle6 - 13Gloucester9,800Carlo Damasco
28.08.2010La Rochelle20 - 12Bourgoin11,508Eric Gauzins
14.08.2010La Rochelle22 - 17Castres11,530Cyril Lafon
12.01.2002La Rochelle11 - 36Gloucester5,000
27.10.2001La Rochelle28 - 14Gran Parma2,000
06.10.2001La Rochelle44 - 39Caerphilly
13.01.2001La Rochelle43 - 19Overmach Parma
28.10.2000La Rochelle11 - 16Mont de Marsan3,000
14.10.2000La Rochelle34 - 19Bristol6,500Gareth Doyle
12.10.1997La Rochelle35 - 7BristolRob Dickson
20.09.1997La Rochelle25 - 24Ebbw Vale
14.09.1997La Rochelle20 - 33Agen
07.09.1997Grenoble33 - 35Bridgend