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stade jean bouin

Home Team Stade Français CASG
Capacity 20,000
Average attendance9,999 (50%) (since September 13, 1997)
Surface Grass
Year Built 1925
Location 20-40 Avenue du Général Sarrail, 75016 Paris France
Fixtures at this ground since September 13, 1997
16.02.2019Stade Francais13 - 24Lyon7,643Mathieu Raynal
11.01.2019Stade Francais35 - 14Pau4,520Dan Jones
05.01.2019Stade Francais27 - 8Perpignan7,150Cedric Marchat
29.12.2018Stade Francais23 - 20Grenoble6,840Laurent Cardona
14.12.2018Stade Francais12 - 3Ospreys6,540Mike Adamson
25.11.2018Stade Francais12 - 14La Rochelle9,575Vincent Blasco-Baqué
27.10.2018Stade Francais25 - 20Montpellier9,442Jerome Garces
13.10.2018Stade Francais27 - 38Worcester6,880Dan Jones
30.09.2018Stade Francais16 - 17Racing 9215,500Alexandre Ruiz
16.09.2018Stade Francais37 - 10Toulon13,478Mathieu Raynal
01.09.2018Stade Francais20 - 8Bordeaux12,366Vincent Blasco-Baqué
28.04.2018Stade Francais30 - 22Brive15,000Jerome Garces
07.04.2018Stade Francais50 - 13Clermont15,350Thomas Charabas
24.03.2018Stade Francais33 - 37Toulouse13,439Romain Poite
11.03.2018Stade Francais23 - 17Castres7,340Alexandre Ruiz
24.02.2018Stade Francais34 - 36Agen5,678Thomas Charabas
28.01.2018Stade Francais5 - 40Pau7,780Pascal Gauzere
20.01.2018Stade Francais17 - 10Edinburgh8,454Frank Murphy
30.12.2017Stade Francais22 - 12Bordeaux8,025Pierre Brousset
08.12.2017Stade Francais39 - 24Krasny Yar8,562Dan Jones
03.12.2017Stade Francais27 - 17Racing 9213,064Alexandre Ruiz
19.11.2017Stade Francais39 - 35Oyonnax7,020Jerome Garces
21.10.2017Stade Francais7 - 44London Irish5,666Vlad Iordescu
07.10.2017Stade Francais31 - 20Montpellier9,704Sebastien Minery
24.09.2017Stade Francais15 - 19Toulon14,075Jonathan Dufort
02.09.2017Stade Francais35 - 24La Rochelle10,360Mathieu Raynal
26.08.2017Stade Francais16 - 25Lyon12,340Sebastien Minery
19.05.2017Stade Francais46 - 21Cardiff4,767Greg Garner
30.04.2017Stade Francais27 - 23Racing 9219,883Mathieu Raynal
23.04.2017Stade Francais28 - 25Bath10,175John Lacey
15.04.2017Stade Francais51 - 16Pau9,371Tual Trainini
26.03.2017Stade Francais17 - 11Toulon14,962Thomas Charabas
05.03.2017Stade Francais32 - 9Bordeaux9,424Adrien Descottes
22.01.2017Stade Francais27 - 17Harlequins7,330George Clancy
08.01.2017Stade Francais15 - 18Toulouse15,194Alexandre Ruiz
31.12.2016Stade Francais12 - 10Brive7,816Laurent Cardona
15.12.2016Stade Francais26 - 20Edinburgh7,347Dudley Phillips
03.12.2016Stade Francais51 - 5Bayonne9,774Mathieu Raynal
20.11.2016Stade Francais21 - 17Montpellier7,926Salem Attalah
29.10.2016Stade Francais25 - 19Lyon8,788Cedric Marchat
20.10.2016Stade Francais27 - 0Timisoara6,511Tom Foley
02.10.2016Stade Francais31 - 26La Rochelle10,222Pascal Gauzere
10.09.2016Stade Francais29 - 25Castres8,596Thomas Charabas
03.09.2016Stade Francais30 - 30Clermont15,538Mathieu Raynal
20.08.2016Stade Francais54 - 20Grenoble5,000Laurent Cardona
07.05.2016Stade Francais69 - 8Oyonnax10,000Thomas Charabas
17.04.2016Stade Francais20 - 26Montpellier11,893Romain Poite
19.03.2016Stade Francais33 - 20La Rochelle9,654Salem Attalah
12.03.2016Stade Francais16 - 34Racing 9220,000Pascal Gauzere
27.02.2016Stade Francais18 - 33Grenoble4,000Sebastien Minery
19.02.2016Stade Francais32 - 17Brive10,290Alexandre Ruiz
24.01.2016Stade Francais36 - 21Leicester12,073George Clancy
09.01.2016Stade Francais27 - 7Munster13,820Nigel Owens
03.01.2016Stade Francais18 - 17Toulouse15,000Laurent Cardona
19.12.2015Stade Francais40 - 14Benetton9,785Greg Garner
05.12.2015Stade Francais21 - 24Bordeaux11,273Romain Poite
08.11.2015Stade Francais14 - 9Clermont18,395Tual Trainini
16.10.2015Stade Francais22 - 9Castres10,156Cyril Lafon
06.09.2015Stade Francais13 - 20Toulon13,866Thomas Charabas
23.08.2015Stade Francais34 - 18Pau10,000Salem Attalah
29.05.2015Stade Francais38 - 15Racing 9220,000Romain Poite
16.05.2015Stade Francais35 - 21Montpellier14,479Christophe Berdos
24.04.2015Stade Francais12 - 21Toulouse19,388Alexandre Ruiz
28.03.2015Stade Francais40 - 26Clermont19,677Cedric Marchat
14.03.2015Stade Francais21 - 30Grenoble9,883Sebastien Minery
31.01.2015Stade Francais13 - 15Oyonnax10,038Patrick Pechambert
17.01.2015Stade Francais47 - 12Bucharest Wolves6,673Lloyd Linton
09.01.2015Stade Francais49 - 13Castres8,569Maxime Chalon
28.12.2014Stade Francais30 - 6Toulon19,146Pascal Gauzere
11.12.2014Stade Francais31 - 24Newcastle8,500Dudley Phillips
30.11.2014Stade Francais20 - 17Brive11,018Sebastien Minery
01.11.2014Stade Francais39 - 22Bordeaux11,355Cyril Lafon
18.10.2014Stade Francais22 - 38Dragons6,500Luke Pearce
11.10.2014Stade Francais23 - 19Racing 9216,588Jaco van Heerden
27.09.2014Stade Francais43 - 10La Rochelle11,355Cyril Lafon
06.09.2014Stade Francais34 - 29Bayonne10,098Patrick Pechambert
23.08.2014Stade Francais23 - 20Lyon5,000Cedric Marchat
19.04.2014Stade Francais37 - 23Bordeaux10,036Pascal Gauzere
04.04.2014Stade Francais6 - 29Harlequins10,200Leighton Hodges
29.03.2014Stade Francais22 - 32Racing 9218,551Jerome Garces
22.02.2014Stade Francais29 - 26Oyonnax8,152Christophe Berdos
24.01.2014Stade Francais32 - 6Castres10,147Laurent Cardona
09.01.2014Stade Francais31 - 3Prato5,939Neil Hennessey
29.12.2013Stade Francais19 - 12Perpignan12,376Cyril Lafon
20.12.2013Stade Francais21 - 6Grenoble7,483Christophe Berdos
14.12.2013Stade Francais32 - 14London Irish10,250Ian Davies
30.11.2013Stade Francais23 - 0Toulon19,476Cedric Marchat
02.11.2013Stade Francais13 - 9Bayonne11,002Alexandre Ruiz
10.10.2013Stade Francais61 - 3Lisbon6,314Giuseppe Vivarini
27.09.2013Stade Francais18 - 11Montpellier15,291Cyril Lafon
14.09.2013Stade Francais25 - 18Brive11,173Cedric Marchat
08.09.2013Stade Francais23 - 16Clermont15,535Christophe Berdos
30.08.2013Stade Francais38 - 3Biarritz19,188Pascal Gauzere
13.08.2010Stade Francais43 - 12Bourgoin8,218David Rosich
16.01.2010Stade Francais15 - 13Bath11,800Alan Lewis
19.12.2009Stade Francais29 - 16Ulster3,700Chris White
10.10.2009Stade Francais31 - 7Edinburgh8,933Nigel Owens
24.01.2009Stade Francais24 - 19Ulster8,450Wayne Barnes
18.10.2008Stade Francais37 - 15Scarlets10,240Peter Allan
11.01.2008Stade Francais19 - 11Bristol8,783George Clancy
09.12.2007Stade Francais12 - 6Cardiff8,972Dave Pearson
10.11.2007Stade Francais37 - 17Harlequins12,000Alain Rolland
20.01.2007Stade Francais47 - 6Calvisano12,000Peter Allan
28.10.2006Stade Francais27 - 14Ospreys12,000Alain Rolland
19.08.2006Stade Francais52 - 20Montpellier8,150
20.01.2006Stade Francais43 - 10Ospreys12,000Chris White
17.12.2005Stade Francais47 - 28Clermont12,000Dave Pearson
07.01.2005Stade Francais35 - 16Cardiff8,000Rob Dickson
04.12.2004Stade Francais30 - 10Ulster11,628Dave Pearson
23.10.2004Stade Francais39 - 31Gloucester11,800Alain Rolland
24.01.2004Stade Francais13 - 10Ulster10,284Chris White
18.01.2004Stade Francais37 - 0Dragons8,888Giulio de Santis
06.12.2003Stade Francais26 - 15Leicester11,848Alan Lewis
18.01.2003Stade Francais12 - 27Wasps6,491David McHugh
14.12.2002Stade Francais29 - 12Harlequins7,500Iain Ramage
19.10.2002Stade Francais81 - 20Rovigo3,000Ashley Rowden
26.01.2002Stade Francais14 - 16Munster12,000Nigel Whitehouse
12.01.2002Stade Francais31 - 0Wasps8,000Antonio Lombardi
27.10.2001Stade Francais40 - 11Ulster6,000Steve Lander
06.10.2001Stade Francais42 - 9Benetton3,742David Tyndall
27.01.2001Stade Francais36 - 19Pau8,000Nigel Whitehouse
20.01.2001Stade Francais42 - 13Swansea12,000Jim Flemming
21.10.2000Stade Francais40 - 10Wasps8,000Alan Lewis
07.10.2000Stade Francais92 - 7L`Aquila6,000Robin Goodliffe
08.01.2000Stade Francais38 - 16Leicester8,000David McHugh
12.12.1999Stade Francais39 - 6Leinster3,424Gareth Simmonds
21.11.1999Stade Francais37 - 18Glasgow5,000Alan Lewis
12.12.1998Stade Francais71 - 14Pontypridd5,000Chuck Muir
07.11.1998Stade Francais34 - 21Bordeaux10,000Chuck Muir
17.10.1998Stade Francais56 - 31Leinster8,000Derek Bevan
08.11.1997Stade Francais53 - 22Gloucester
11.10.1997Stade Francais28 - 29London IrishTony Rowlands
20.09.1997Stade Francais65 - 19Dax
13.09.1997Stade Francais83 - 10Constanta