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stade sebastien charlety

Capacity 20,000
Average attendance6,940 (35%) (since October 29, 2005)
Surface Grass
Year Built 1939
Location 17 Avenue Pierre de Coubertin, 75013 Paris France
Fixtures at this ground since October 29, 2005
09.03.2013Stade Francais42 - 14Mont de Marsan7,331Alexandre Ruiz
16.02.2013Stade Francais30 - 14Bordeaux5,578Laurent Cardona
25.01.2013Stade Francais35 - 6Grenoble5,148Sebastien Cloute
05.01.2013Stade Francais21 - 13Bayonne6,691Sebastien Minery
22.12.2012Stade Francais36 - 23Biarritz6,676Romain Poite
10.11.2012Stade Francais20 - 13Agen5,525Jean-Luc Rebollal
22.09.2012Stade Francais34 - 24Perpignan7,968Romain Poite
08.09.2012Stade Francais20 - 20Castres6,587Pascal Gauzere
18.08.2012Stade Francais32 - 16Montpellier5,811Sebastien Minery
21.04.2012Stade Francais35 - 31Perpignan9,475Jerome Garces
05.04.2012Stade Francais22 - 17Exeter4,693Peter Fitzgibbon
21.01.2012Stade Francais33 - 10Worcester6,693Leighton Hodges
07.01.2012Stade Francais38 - 21Castres7,139Patrick Pechambert
23.12.2011Stade Francais23 - 10Biarritz8,125Jean-Luc Rebollal
15.12.2011Stade Francais45 - 3Crociati2,500Andy Macpherson
18.11.2011Stade Francais49 - 3Bucharest Wolves5,800Luke Pearce
30.09.2011Stade Francais28 - 17Brive7,200Patrick Pechambert
16.09.2011Stade Francais33 - 18Bayonne6,926Stephane Pomarede
09.09.2011Stade Francais19 - 19Montpellier6,726Cedric Marchat
26.08.2011Stade Francais41 - 20Bordeaux6,496Sebastien Minery
29.04.2011Stade Francais29 - 25Clermont6,712Nigel Owens
08.04.2011Stade Francais32 - 28Montpellier7,000Alan Lewis
16.01.2011Stade Francais39 - 10Leeds5,018John Lacey
16.12.2010Stade Francais35 - 7Bucharest Wolves3,000Stefano Penne
07.10.2010Stade Francais57 - 6Crociati6,523Dudley Phillips
20.08.2010Stade Francais41 - 26La Rochelle10,352Laurent Cardona
29.10.2005Stade Francais12 - 6Leicester19,700Donal Courtney