World Club Rugby | Bordeaux fixture list 2017-2018
Bordeaux's season summary
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Bordeaux Fixture List

Played Won Lost Drawn For Against Diff Avg Home Att*
32 13 (41%) 18 (56%) 1 (3%) 747 801 -54 20,881

* Does not include knock out fixtures - play-offs, quarter-finals, semi-finals or final fixtures

26.08.2017Clermont32 - 25WThomas CharabasStade Chaban Delmas23,212
02.09.2017Castres33 - 19LRomain PoiteStade Pierre-Fabre9,000
09.09.2017Stade Francais30 - 10WAdrien DescottesStade Chaban Delmas19,629
16.09.2017Lyon49 - 14LLudovic CayreMatmut Stadium12,752
23.09.2017Montpellier47 - 17WLaurent CardonaStade Chaban Delmas21,619
30.09.2017Oyonnax9 - 39WMaxime ChalonStade Charles Mathon7,854
07.10.2017Toulon30 - 27WPierre BroussetStade Chaban Delmas21,678
13.10.2017Enisei17 - 57WCraig Maxwell-KeysKrasny Yar Stadium3,600
21.10.2017Newcastle20 - 21LFrank MurphyStade Chaban Delmas17,211
28.10.2017Racing 9229 - 13LAlexandre RuizGGL Stadium6,488
04.11.2017Toulouse38 - 37LPascal GauzereStade Ernest Wallon16,356
18.11.2017Agen33 - 23WCyril LafonStade Chaban Delmas21,028
25.11.2017Brive27 - 27DCedric MarchatStade Chaban Delmas20,676
02.12.2017Pau27 - 17LAdrien DescottesStade du Hameau18,300
09.12.2017Newcastle52 - 24LIan DaviesKingston Park3,857
15.12.2017Enisei36 - 27WJoy NevilleStade Chaban Delmas16,646
23.12.2017La Rochelle29 - 19WThomas CharabasStade Chaban Delmas36,253
30.12.2017Stade Francais22 - 12LPierre BroussetStade Jean Bouin8,025
06.01.2018Lyon19 - 10WJonathan DufortStade Chaban Delmas19,185
13.01.2018Dragons36 - 28WCraig Maxwell-KeysStade Chaban Delmas14,232
20.01.2018Dragons33 - 17LAndy BraceRodney Parade4,017
27.01.2018Toulon36 - 12LMathieu RaynalStade Felix Mayol15,192
18.02.2018Castres6 - 7LTual TraininiStade Chaban Delmas20,172
24.02.2018Montpellier11 - 10LLudovic CayreGGL Stadium9,000
03.03.2018Toulouse19 - 25LRomain PoiteStade Chaban Delmas24,570
10.03.2018Oyonnax20 - 26LPierre BroussetStade Chaban Delmas20,000
17.03.2018Agen10 - 15WCyril LafonStade Armandie7,751
24.03.2018La Rochelle31 - 20LTual TraininiStade Marcel Deflandre16,000
07.04.2018Pau19 - 18WCyril LafonStade Chaban Delmas19,729
14.04.2018Clermont33 - 3LCedric MarchatStade Marcel Michelin15,645
29.04.2018Racing 9215 - 39LLudovic CayreStade Chaban Delmas18,251
05.05.2018Brive22 - 20LJonathan DufortStade Amedee-Domenech10,561
All data courtesy of official websites, where available. For all double headers attendances are split in two.