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Sat, 24th Feb, 2018 18:27:06

Oyonnax Fixture List

Played Won Lost Drawn For Against Diff Avg Home Att*
23 2 (9%) 18 (78%) 3 (13%) 447 796 -349 7,250

* Does not include knock out fixtures - play-offs, quarter-finals, semi-finals or final fixtures

26.08.2017Toulouse23 - 23DMathieu RaynalStade Charles Mathon10,089
02.09.2017Montpellier37 - 6LLudovic CayreAltrad Stadium10,500
09.09.2017Agen12 - 10WJulien CastaignedeStade Charles Mathon8,000
17.09.2017Racing 9225 - 13LTual TraininiStade Manoir5,830
23.09.2017La Rochelle57 - 12LSebastien MineryStade Marcel Deflandre16,000
30.09.2017Bordeaux9 - 39LMaxime ChalonStade Charles Mathon7,854
07.10.2017Pau16 - 19LTual TraininiStade Charles Mathon7,756
14.10.2017Connacht15 - 43LTom FoleyStade de Geneve3,500
20.10.2017Brive38 - 13LDavid WilkinsonStade Amedee-Domenech4,500
28.10.2017Lyon52 - 18LJonathan DufortMatmut Stadium13,542
04.11.2017Castres19 - 32LLudovic CayreStade Charles Mathon8,054
19.11.2017Stade Francais39 - 35LJerome GarcesStade Jean Bouin7,020
25.11.2017Clermont32 - 32DAlexandre RuizStade Charles Mathon12,000
02.12.2017Brive33 - 30LMathieu RaynalStade Amedee-Domenech9,448
09.12.2017Worcester35 - 14LFrank MurphySixways6,520
15.12.2017Worcester27 - 20WVlad IordescuStade Charles Mathon3,500
23.12.2017Toulon49 - 25LMaxime ChalonStade Felix Mayol16,647
30.12.2017Racing 9212 - 16LSebastien MineryStade Charles Mathon7,955
06.01.2018La Rochelle38 - 38DCedric MarchatStade Charles Mathon7,345
13.01.2018Brive19 - 29LIan DaviesStade Charles Mathon3,500
20.01.2018Connacht50 - 14LCraig Maxwell-KeysSportsground5,017
27.01.2018Toulouse37 - 15LThomas CharabasStade Ernest Wallon10,816
17.02.2018Montpellier30 - 43LJonathan DufortStade Charles Mathon7,450
24.02.2018ClermontJulien CastaignedeStade Marcel Michelin
03.03.2018Stade FrancaisStade Charles Mathon
10.03.2018BordeauxStade Chaban Delmas
17.03.2018ToulonStade Charles Mathon
24.03.2018PauStade du Hameau
07.04.2018AgenStade Armandie
14.04.2018BriveStade Charles Mathon
28.04.2018LyonStade Charles Mathon
05.05.2018CastresStade Pierre Antoine
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